Fabio Romano was born in Comiso (Ragusa) in 1988, he now works in Düsseldorf.
At the age of twelve he began to frequent Salvo Barone’s studio, in which he spent a number of years carrying out intense research and technical training. In 2008, he received his diploma and graduated from the Comiso Art Institute.
After, he continued his formative journey in Rome, attending the school of fine arts. There he was Giovanna Dalla della Chiesa’s apprentice, with whom he would take on fruitful years of theoretic art study, assessing the great artists of the twentieth century with a critical and skilful approach.
His regular visits to the Capitolini Museums, his countless travels through Europe and his participation in the contemporary art world permitted him to establish and elaborate an original artistic language.
His painting is appraised by a variety of personalities within international culture and soon entered important private collections.
Mondadori, Marsilio abd Rizzoli editors have published his paintings as covers for novels by Aldo Busi, a loyal collector of his.
In 2010, he inaugurated his second exhibition, presented by Giovanna Dalla Chiesa, at the Sala del Granaio in Modica (Ragusa), in collaboration with the Fondazione Grimaldi and the Galleria Lo Magno.
ll Riformista, Il Corriere.it, Artibune.it, Sicilymag, RagusaNews and others have published on his artistic journey.


2007 Art Institute S. Fiume Comiso
2012 Academy of Fine Arts, Rome
2014 Academy of Fine Arts, Brera, Milan

Selected group exhibitions

March 2019 “On view” curated by Hanry Guette, Paris

November 2017 “Beyond the map” curated by Soriana Stagnitta, Paratissima, Turin Art Fair, Italy

July 2017 “Summer show” à La Baule, Galerie Rabouan Moussion, La Baule, France
“Summer show#1 -Matière Première” curated by Soriana Stagnitta, Paris, France Read more

February 2017 “Migrantes” travelling exhibition, Garofalo Palace, Ragusa, Italy

2010 “A framework for transient poets, From Sancho Panza to Don Quixote” Galleria degli Archi, Comiso, Italy
“An airport for art” Foyer of the Naselli Theatre, Comiso, Italia

2009 “Artò – Artfair in Opencity” Galleria degli Archi, Rome, Italy
“2009 National Art Prize” Contemporary Art Gallery Le Ciminiere, Catania, Italia
“The contemporary image of Rome” Pio Catel Institute, San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome, Italy

2007 “One hundred artists around the garden” Galleria degli Archi and G. Bufalino Foundation, Comiso, Italy

2005 “Forlì Art Fair” Galleria Scribarte, Forlì, Italy

2004 “Caos – The magnificent vision” Galleria degli archi, Comiso, Italy

Solo shows

2010 “Dynamics of the improbable”, the Granary Hall, Grimaldi Palace, Ragusa – Galleria Lo Magno, Modica, Texts by Giovanna Dalla Chiesa and Francesca Lesnoni
2008 “The Movement of Life”, Galleria Degli Archi, Comiso – Texts by Andrea Guastella

Fabio Romano The Movement of Life – Galleria degli Archi Comiso
Texts by Andrea Guastella

[...] It takes courage, today, to do painting. In an age that has lost its sense of the material, where every human intervention seems replaceable by technology, using dyes and brushes is a nonconformist choice, as are the acceptance of secular rites, long studio apprenticeships , and trying and retying again, always starting from the beginning. Fabio Romano is one of those brave individuals who have decided to live for and in painting, giving up the euphoria of the new, and bearing the cross of memory, the comparisons with icons of the past that, as claimed the great Lucian Freud - are so powerful that you cannot even imagine how anyone could have created them or how they might never have existed. Stuff to make your veins tremble in your wrists. Especially since, in his perilous navigation, our man threw the lifejacket of ‘graceful drawing’ to sea, instead focusing everything on oil painting, the equivalent of organic matter, confident in its ability to shape the universe. Fabio works on the first, concerned, as he is, about the materiality of painting, preferring a dense and structured coloured surface [...] .

Me, the other I 2007, oil on canvas, cm 70 x 80, private collection

Me, the other II 2007, oil on canvas, cm 70 x 80, private collection Me, the other I 2007, oil on canvas, cm 70 x 80, private collection
Fabio Romano
Dynamics of the improbable The Granary Hall - Grimaldi Foundation, Modica (Ragusa)
Texts by Giovanna Dalla Chiesa, Francesca Lesnoni

I cannot say exactly when it began. Of course, from the beautiful landscapes, sun drenched, perfect, Mediterranean, from the rooftops articulated in aerial sequence with which, fresh off his first solo exhibition, documented by a rich and important catalogue for a young man of only twenty, Fabio Romano landed in Rome at the end of 2008, when things began to change [...] Indeed in Rome, Fabio Romano - maybe names are never accidental - seems to have understood the scope of the responsibility that his being, and first of all subject, entailed. The possibility and even the need to scramble all the cards, to be "contemporary", as sentient subject, to history, to classical style, to the universe, whose spheres have been put to play, discovering the cord of poetry. I confess that, more than once, for some of these paintings, the words of ‘The Night’, from the Canti Orfici by Dino Campana, have come to my mind: «I remember an old city ... Enormous emptiness of bridge-arches over the stagnant river dried to thin leaden puddles: a black moulding of mosquitos shifting and silent along the banks: among the dazzle and glare of a distant cane-brake the far-off naked figures of teen-age boys and the Hasidic beard of an old man: and suddenly out of the midst of the dead water the mosquitos came and a song, primordial dirge from the voiceless swamp monotonous and irritating and time ground down and held still».
The night, which brings all realities closer, which renders the divided awareness of our daytime self just an intermittent pulse, only an act of listening between Self and Other – the entire Other - and becomes aware of the totality, of the vibrant relation of everything with everything, it is this night which has acted as his guide. Fabio Romano has taken this responsibility upon himself".

Extract from the critical text Fabio Romano and the bet of the improbable by Giovanni Chiesa, published in the artist’s solo exhibition catalogue with Galleria Lo Magno


[…] Fabio tells his story. And I imagine him as a child, at his uncles’ farm – fragile, delicate, difficult, solitary – chasing after the grass, itself chased by the wind, the very green grass of Sicilia, adorned with red, yellow, blue, in spring … […] the blinding green of Africa, that Fabio incredibly managed to render from my accounts, without ever having seen it for himself – is it the colour of hope? This young, fearless painter, of intense talent and sensibility, will he be a Prophet? […] .

Extract from the critical text The Boy who Played with the Earth by Francesca Lesnoni, published in the artists’ solo exhibition catalogue for ‘Dynamic of the improbable’ with Galleria Lo Magno

Magnetic apparition 2010, oil on canvas, triptych, cm 133 x 71/133 x 22/134,5 x 19, private collection

They talked about him

Torso 2009, oil on canvas, cm 116 x 90, private collection
Paint published as the cover of the book Un cuore di troppo, Aldo Busi - Mondadori Edition © Fabio Romano and Aldo Busi

[…] « Mondadori will distribute the new edition of Un cuore di troppo, with a new cover. It depicts a torso that represents a sort of union between Giotto and Freud.
The painter is Fabio Romano, a twenty-two-year-old Sicilian. He is a discovery of mine. I met him at Luigi Ontani’s dinner in London. I saw this Torso without a head in the catalogue for his first show at Modica, in the province of Ragusa […]
[…] The work is a masterpiece, that is now hung in a beautiful Roman house for the pleasure of the many guests who pass by it. They immediately notice the difference between art of mass communication and this expressive art, by a unique mind and, in itself, inimitable» .

An extract from the interview carried out by Francesco Borgonovo in «Il Riformista» on the 15 December 2011 with the writer Aldo Busi

Torso 2009, oil on canvas, cm 116 x 90, private collection
Paint published as the cover of the book Un cuore di troppo, Aldo Busi - Mondadori Edition © Fabio Romano and Aldo Busi

Selected press

Une recherche de connexion entre l’homme et son environnement BOUM!BANG!, 14 SEP 2017